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    Durational performance, 7hr. Interactive Installation.  2015

    The Funk Lab sprung up in The Book Club in Shoreditch as It was selected for Fowl Cabaret’s Are You Game? Cabaret Game show Event. Where the show and various interactive games and Art installation explored our human interaction and expectations.

    A mural on the wall mapped out a trace of the interactions, conversations, realisations and exclamations of me and my fellow humans during the evenings events.


    I created The Funk Lab, taking old OHP projectors and a magic box of tricks, containing a personal collection of objects, glass bowls, paper marbling inks and paint to music and arts events. My aim is to use live art to create an alternative space for interaction, conversation and creation at existing events. Participants help to create moving visuals and sometimes translate this onto a painted mural, building up a picture throughout the event to record interactions and explore stories.

    ARE YOU GAME?  “Carberet-cum-game show…. Challenging the concept of art and worth, through the medium of play, FOWL encourage you to backslide to your childish ways and indulge your competitive side with their featherbrained and farcical games.”



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