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Long Red Magic Numbers Prayer Beads with Silver Guru Bead.

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Product Description

Magic Numbers Mala (not traditional number counts)

3,5,7, 13 love

This Long Red glass bead necklace has round bone carved bead accents and orange/bronze anomaly beads.

There are Two ancient Roman Carnelian carved barrel beads.

It ends with an Old Moroccan Silver Ball Guru Bead

and a Long bright purple coloured cotton thread tassel.

Disclaimer: when products were sold to me as ancient, old or from a certain place I state as so, I have no written evidence for their origins. I only use quality beads that feel authentic and prices reflect the price at which they were bought.

Tassel can be easy trimmed to desired length. Simply wet the ends, spread into a fan and  cut across straight. If you would like me to trim the tassels shorter I can do so before posting the Necklace!  


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