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    Interactive Installation At Wimbledon Art College for 2015 Degree Show 18.05.15- 27.05.15.  

    Durational Performance 3 weeks

    A Culmination of the FUNK LAB experiment. I went to The Conference Center daily and conferred throughout the duration of the exhibition. I felt very comfortable talking and interacting with strangers and friends come deep and difficult subjects where approached, mostly for myself, or at least that how it seemed to me, I was witness to intimate moments.


    The ramshackle shelter of 4 canvas dust sheets , 3 Oak doors and a sheet of corrugated iron. It moved gently with the breeze, hoisted up and fastened with ropes.  Inside the artwork left behind from previous lab sessions was stuck to the cardboard floor. My den was added to, transformed and changed.

    The space held many varying dynamics dependant of the person or group there with me. Everything from delicate, contemplative exploration  between strangers to raucous and celebratory release of emotion and tearing down of boundaries between friends.

    They played and told stories, asked questions of myself and each other, sometimes shared food, listened to, played and recorded music. I start to discuss the future but mostly mixed memories tell old stories with objects and toys captured in light and shadow.  Painted expression cross and clay moldings serve the perfect distraction to approach strange and ever-changing turns in a conversation as a density of expressions fill the space.  My Semi-nervous but open-hearted vulnerability hangs in the air, i see them all and it is intoxicating.


    I created The Funk Lab, taking old OHP projectors and a magic box of tricks, containing a personal collection of objects, glass bowls, paper marbling inks and paint to music and arts events. My aim is to use live art to create an alternative space for interaction, conversation and creation at existing events. Participants help to create  visuals, notice moving moments and sometimes translate this onto a painted mural, building up a picture throughout the event to record interactions and explore stories.






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